What is Application PaaS (aPaaS)?

Application Platform-as-a-Service is a type of PaaS that is aimed at consumers, business users or citizen developers. aPaaS does not provide the same level of flexibility as a regular PaaS but provides a very friendly development interface which handles all of the developmental and operational complexities. aPaaS tends to be built within a proprietary framework […]

WaveMaker Next: Webinar

WaveMaker is an aPaaS (Application PaaS) RAD tool for Citizen Developers. WaveMaker intends to eliminate the complexity in creating Java web applications through its WYSIWYG development platform that runs in a browser. Since 2007, over 30,000 developers have relied on WaveMaker’s standards-based technologies and open source frameworks to build web, database and mobile applications. In 2013, […]