Single Node OpenStack – neutron sample configuration

This is in continuation of my Single Node Havana installation openstack installation. Here with I’m enclosing the neutron configuration to be used in Single node installation. Please note that my system name is dheeru-u2. So you appropriately modify the host name, user name , password etc. [DEFAULT] # Default log level is INFO # verbose […]

OpenStack Install Strategy

Strategy to be followed for OpenStack cloud setup (Focused on Proof-Of-Concept,Beginners and dummies) Case 1: I am new to Openstack & i am planning to install it in 5PC’s (one as controller & 4 as nodes) with ubuntu 12.04 installed in all. I am following the installation in . All selected PC’s have single NIC […]

RedHat refutes Gartner’s OpenStack criticisms

Gartner analyst Alessandro Perilli recently wrote an article, Why Vendors Can’t Sell OpenStack to Enterprises.  In that article, he lists four challenges for vendors selling OpenStack and why enterprise adoption of OpenStack hasn’t taken off yet. There is heated debate going on the net over the same, here is one very good response from RedHat which […]